• Avand Biscuit

    Focus on the R & D process in order to improve the reach of products with competitive advantage with the aim of customer satisfaction.

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  • Avand as a sample exporter for 4 consecutive years

    Enjoying the cooperation of experienced experts and the use of quality raw materials and supervision of suppliers of raw materials is another step towards achieving a healthy and quality product that results in satisfaction from domestic and foreign customers.

  • Avand Biscuits carrying
    a health message

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  • Healthy by choosing healthy eating

    A snack is part of the daily diet of everyone in the community. If you eat healthy foods everyday, you will have a better life.


Automation System

The automation system is designed to have fewer manpower than a manual system.

Production Line

Deploying fully automated systems from the German Reimelt and Werner & Pfleidere companies.

Quality Control

All stages of the distribution and transportation of raw materials from silos and special containers in mixers and pulp in the control room are controlled.

UPS System

During power outages, ups feed power production lines , so that diesel starts up and gets in the circuit. With the measures taken, destroy the quality fluctuations in production and production stop.