Negin Asal Harand Quality Policy and Food safety (Avand Biscuit)

Negin Asal Harand With over 50 years of experience in producing biscuits and relying on the newest and most modern production line of Germany’s Werner & Pfleiderer, with the establishing a quality management system based on the International Standard ISO9001:2015 and Food Safety Management System based on the standard: ISO22000:2005 and HACCP and the Complaints Management Authority based on the ISO 10002 standard

In order to increase the level of customer satisfaction, continuous improvement of processes,products and in pursuit of the following macro goals:

1- Improving the quality and safety of food in all processes of the organization.
2- Client-orientation through increased stakeholder satisfaction and reduced customer complaints.
3- Development of target markets.
4- To focus on the research and development process in order to continuously improve the achievement of products with competitive advantage with the aim of gaining and expanding the market, customer satisfaction and profitability for the organization.
5- Increase knowledge and ability of personnel by conducting continuous and targeted training.
6- Optimizing the use of substances by reducing waste.
7- Communicating effectively with external and internal groups to meet stakeholder needs.
8- Increasing the firm’s brand strength.

The management of the company is committed to the above policy and the integrated system of quality management and commitment to its GMP implementation in its effective implementation, and I expect all respectable staff members to cooperate with and coherence while respecting the policy of quality and safety of materials Food and its maintenance objectives in order to establish and enforce the quality management system itself.

Best regards

Mohammadreza Vaez Shoushtari

CEO of Avand Biscuit Co.